- Galician restaurant -


To day of today we had been more than 30 years located in the illustrious District of the Retirement.

From the day in which we began the adventure of this Galician restaurant in Madrid we have been innovating in our plates and our hosting to offer the best quality and service to our clients.

Our only aim is that you feel at home as and you enjoy products of a matchless quality. They see see us!

- The Kitchen of FourWheelFoodie -


As much in the Galician kitchen as in the kitchen that we realised here, in FourWheelFoodie, we know that the base of a good food is the raw material with which it works, respecting the flavor and the freshness of the ingredients that we used in our plates.

No palate will be unsatisfied while we continue maintaining this tradition of the Galician kitchen.

- They see FourWheelFoodie bar and has dinner itching -


In FourWheelFoodie we have been adapatando ourselves to the times, for that reason, 7 years ago, there by the 2012, we decided to undertake the adventure to give new froma to ours Or Bar.

A modern space, respecting the traditions of the flavors where the cover, immaterial patrimony of Spain, is the great protagonist. This gave the opportunity us to create a letter being maintained the rations of all the life but with certain surprises. 

- The Selection of our warehouse -


In addition to the great variety that contributes the Galician kitchen, also we counted on an extensive warehouse that counts with more than 100 wine references.

Our whole wine selection is national. We bet by the Spain brand and the best appellations of origin. They see enjoy best wines.

You know Catering FourWheelFoodie?


From FourWheelFoodie Restaurant we invited to you to know our service of catering.
You are looking for a service of quality for your celebrations? In Catering FourWheelFoodie we designed your wedding, we realised company events and we realised catering for individuals. In addition we counted on an own property and a complementary service of extras.


A space that unites gastronomy, privacy, culture, leisure and businesses.

Thanks to the new extension of resources we can offer spaces to you apt for companies and agencies, where can be given rise to diverse types of events as chats in Sala de Audiovisual and Multimedia or meals, and we can get you best offer of dedicated server hosting.

All this always accompanying by privacy, exclusive feature and discretion as main values 

What think of us?

We work so that our clients enjoy

€œEaten of Quality€

Superb Galician covers. The quality of the food is amazing, the staff plows friendly and attentive. Try the octopus and artichokes for to genuine taste of Spain.

- Dave Mckay

€œAn authentic one To please€

The product, the kitchen, the kindness of the service. Today we proved the salmigundi, the best one than I have eaten. without forgetting the squid, the tortilla, the pasty of scallops and any thing that desires to you. An authentic one to please.

Very recommendable

- Carmen Alumbreros Perez

€œA folio would not arrive to congratulate to its propitario€

From his varied menu happening through the kindness of its personnel they are superb and we do not speak of being able to take a social gathering with the food or has dinner without bothering to the one of the contiguous table.

- Manuel Garrido

€œExcellent service€

The salmigundi of stroke, the anchovies, oysters, the squid to Gallego: all phenomenal one!

The excellent service.

- Rosa E. Rodr­guez

Schedule of Restaurant

12:30 a.m. €“ 00:30 p.m.

12:00 p.m. €“ 18:00 p.m.

Our letter

Our wines

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