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More than 30 years of experience in the kitchen. From direct Galicia to Madrid and to your table

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Our history

faithfuls to the Galician kitchen

We are faithful to our history and the one of our Galician kitchen. The same kitchen with that our parents 30 years ago arrived at Madrid from Galicia with a dream to fulfill and that today has been made reality thanks to the work of all these years, to be a referring one of the Galician concina in Madrid, as much by the quality of the product as by the tradition in prescriptions. 30 years later, the second generation we followed faithfuls this idea €œto be the referring one of the Galician kitchen in Madrid€ but adapting the concept to the new times and the new gastronomical tendencies, and is that innovation and tradition make for us an inseparable tandem.

The traditions

immutable throughout the time

There are traditions that follow immutable throughout the time, as she is the one to go on a daily basis to choose the product to assure us that I generate that we served is always of the maximum quality and represent the market of our Galicia earth.

Among all the specialties, it has without a doubt if there is a product type by which we emphasized is by the variety of season seafood, the days of centollo of mussel or the stroke.

Our vision

each product is a jewel

We have a vision and is that each piece of seafood is, in fact, a jewel that we removed from the sea and that must be dealt with the maximum detail. And it is that the love by the Mediterranean Sea and the Galician Earth makes us respect each piece with which we worked, from a hake of thorn to the plate or a tortilla of potatoes, the squid to the Galician style, the affection and the care with which we worked each elaboration without a doubt is appraised in the final result.

The love by the Galician gastronomy, the dedication and the work to improve day to day has been what throughout these 30 years of tradition our parents have transmitted us and is the standard of our kitchen.

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Schedule of Restaurant

12:30 a.m. €“ 00:30 p.m.

12:00 p.m. €“ 18:00 p.m.

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